"A serious page-turner...this novel hits it on all fronts!"

Paperback is available at the Edmonds Bookshop and at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Hardbacks may be ordered online at your favorite bookseller. Click here for Kindle and all versions available on Amazon!


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"A poignant and heartbreaking tale of one man’s fight to save himself and his family from the ravages of mental illness. Hardwick is wise, uplifting and utterly compelling. He challenges our fundamental beliefs about good parenting."

  -  Robert Dugoni, International Best-Selling Author of The Tracy Crosswhite Series.

"This is a book you can’t put down! A fantastic story about love, family, and how to deal with the messiness of it all. The author keeps you on your toes and you can’t wait to see what will happen next."  -  Amazon Customer, Seattle

"This is an amazing book that brings to life how mental illness affects the family. It is a topic not often talked about, but Alan was able to tell the story in a way that is compelling, honest and heartbreaking"  -  Dr. J. Malik, San Antonio



Interrupted musician and father of five, Alan Hardwick is a Seattle-based writer. His debut novel,  Never Been This Close To Crazy, was released on June 1, 2019. 

"I'm happy to be enjoying the great Northwest doing things I never thought I could. That's the magic of it, I suppose."

Alan and his wife Kristen live in Edmonds with their three furry four-legged boys. Discover more on Alan's blog, Carmelamericano, or on his Amazon Author page.

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