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About Us. 

Alan Hardwick Productions was formed out of a love of music and the people behind it.  Musicians are frequently hidden from the world by the needs of the day and the regular responsibilities of life. As we kept discovering amazing people who had hidden talents, it quickly became clear there was a need to provide support for these beautiful humans to advance the greatness inside of them.  We offer a variety of a-la-carte services under the header of Artist Management.  More importantly, we are just getting started and still figuring it all out...


By providing a simple space to create, discover, and record ideas, people who have a song stuck in their heart can finally see it come to life.  From instrumental skill development to songwriting, orchestration, and arrangement, we have assembled a team of professionals who have hearts of gold and want to help you find your sound. 



So many songwriters wish they could share their music with the world on a larger scale, but getting picked up by a major record label seems daunting and pretty much impossible.  We formed Crazy Good Records as fans of these artists with the goal of providing the essential services of a record label without the pressure of the Los Angeles or Nashville corporates.  We also will never fully own your masters: we will only license them for the term of our agreement, leaving you in full control.  What?? Yes. Our label will always favor the artist over the industry: YOU are the person who is truly the reason we have any music at all. And if the majors come calling, we will help you be well prepared if you decide to take the next step. 


Washington State's first Creative District was formed in Edmonds, Washington to feature and advance the arts in a beautiful art-centered community just north of Seattle.  At the same time, there were only a handful of venues and opportunities for musicians to perform.  Edmonds LIVE! was created to help businesses and musicians come together to advance the culture of music in Edmonds and the greater Seattle area.  


Many musicians who write and perform original music miss out on the royalties created from their copyrights. We help artists get their songs properly registered with performance rights organizations and publishing administrators that handle royalties.

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