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Label Services

Crazy Good Records  

The nature of record labels is changing dramatically: gone are the days where an artists' career is entirely dependent on the label.  Our record label, Crazy Good Records, was founded on the idea that we are first fans of the artists and their songs, and from there we hope to help the artists achieve their goals by supporting in any way we can. We love to partner with artists and bands to facilitate collaboration with a community of Pacific Northwest musicians who share your vibe.  We partner with top players who can help complete your song's instrumentation and get your single, EP, or full length album ready for distribution.  Rather than giving up your rights to the master recordings, our label deals allow you to maintain ultimate control while licensing the recordings to us for exploitation for a defined period of time.  Our labels promote your music to the world through standard and social media, seek placement into television and film, coordinate with booking agents for shows at northwest venues, and oversee the production of masters for digital and physical products. 

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